Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Why it's OK to get someone else to write your blog for you

You know what's good for you...

Everyone needs a blog - modern business life in our online world insists on it. It's become a little bit like the entrepreneurial equivalent to eating your greens and going to the gym.
It's not surprising then that to some it feels just as much of a chore as stuffing down five a day or working up a sweat. If writing doesn't come easily or you simply have too much else going on with your core activities, it might be even worse.
However, unlike a healthy lifestyle there is a painless way of blogging... Get someone else to do it for you.
You wouldn't think twice about hiring an accountant, a graphic designer or a car mechanic - they are experts after all.
A professional blogger is an expert too. They know how to create bright, tempting content and where to put the posts when they are attractively completed.
They are also brimming with ideas for topics to cover, ways to illustrate your points and an instinct for knowing a tasty offering when they see it.
And an excellent ghost blogger 'gets' you in an instant. They have a sense of you, your business and what you want to communicate. It'll be easier than you ever hoped.
Obviously I would say all of that, wouldn't I? But if the thought of blogging for your business makes your heart sink, then drop me a line.

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