Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Ten ideas for blog posts you can do right now

Keeping your business blog going can be a bit of a chore, especially when you feel like you've run out of inspiration. Well here are some ideas for ones you can do right now. 

What’s new? You’ve got a business, there’s always something going on. Then tell us about it. Have you made a good deal, heard something exciting about a new customer or even found the office cat has had kittens. Let us into your world. 

Who’s there? Shine the spotlight on who you work with. Can you do a quick interview and get a colleague to talk about what they do and why? Quite literally it’s the human face of your business. 

A day in the life. You might think that a blow-by-blow account of what happens at work is about the dullest thing imaginable, but you’d be wrong. Everyone loves to know what other people are up to, what happens in their lives. Let them do a little bit of eavesdropping.

Heard any gossip? Especially if it’s about your business... Obviously you can’t go spreading everything you’ve heard – no matter how juicy – but if everyone’s talking about something then, with a little caution, blog about it. 

Give us some tips. Can you offer a few well-honed nuggets of advice? If you’re an expert – and you are – share a few pieces of your knowledge. It’ll become a resource people will use again and again, plus it’ll tell the world how good you are. 

Answer a few of your FAQs. Do you get asked the same thing over again? If so, then give full chapter and verse of the answer on your blog. It probably won’t stop you getting asked the question, but there’s clearly a need for the answer. 

What’s trending on Twitter/ in the paper? Depending on where you go for your freshest news, see what’s making the headlines. Can you join in the conversation, add to it or have a view? 

Look at the calendar. What’s coming up? It could be a global event or something private, but there’s no harm in looking forward to on your blog. Has your business got something to contribute to an event?
Read anything good lately? If you’ve seen something online that you enjoyed, were impressed by or thought useful, then share it. Just let the person who created it take credit, with links back to their site too as it’s only good manners.
Have some fun. What about a little light-hearted banter. What’s making you giggle this week? What are you up to at the weekend? Is there something that might show the world that it’s not all work and no play.
Remember that there are hardly any new ideas out there, just variations on a few themes. Find some that work for you. 

What are you waiting for?

cute puppy
You could share this cute puppy for a start (from via Flickr)

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