Monday, 22 July 2013

How to get over blogger's block...

writer's block by Marie Coleman via Flickr

I sat down to write a post for this blog, when it happened. 

The ideas that usually fill my head had vanished. Poof. Blogger's block had struck. 

So, obviously, I found inspiration and I'm going to write about how to cure yourself of the dreaded blank mind. 

And the first on the list is: 

Write about what's on your mind right now

Obviously you need to make sure you've got a personal filter installed and operating, but once you're sure you're not going to write about your crush on Alex in the office down the corridor, write from you current experience. You can be fairly sure that whatever you're going through someone else is too. 

Perhaps for your work blog you could write about something that's happening in your business at the moment. Electric fan shops selling out, nursery suppliers talking about the royal baby or rainwear manufacturers twiddling their thumbs.

Look at the calendar

What's coming up tomorrow, next week or even next month. What plans are you making? How are things progressing? 

It's often a good idea not to say everything about a forthcoming event - that means you can come back to the subject without repeating yourself. 

It's been emotional

Always the best posts are ones with some genuine feeling behind them. Passion, love - call it what you will, but it will seep through the words. 

So pause to consider what has fired up the strongest feeling and use that as the subject of your post. This might feel a bit weird if your business communications are normally dry and starchy, but that's the very thing about blogs - they have to be human. 

Look at the list

You remember way back when you were brimming with inspiration? Well the chances are you wrote a list of things to blog about. Go and find it. There will be something you've forgotten. Even, if you're still not exactly flowing with creative juices - get started, you might surprise yourself. 

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery...

Maybe so. Have a look at your favourite blogs and the blogs other people in your industry. Is there an idea there you can 'borrow'? Don't lift things wholesale, but be inspired. If you refer to the post that gave the notion, the original blogger is more likely to be flattered than anything else. 

Call it aggregation or curation and dish up some of the best things you can find on a relevant topic. 

Pose a question

Is there something you're grappling with - a problem you can't quite solve? Then ask the readers of your blog. You might find yourself pleased to see answers flooding in. And if not, you'll at least have found something to post about until real inspiration arrives. 

Find a picture of a kitten

The fall-back of internet people all over the world when they can't think of anything else. Find the cutest image possible and let it do the talking. Awwww.