Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The blog posts that you don't need to write...

Blogging ideas in a nutshell 

You don't know it but you've already got dozens of post just about ready to go. They only need a minute or two's work. 

Yes, really.

For some folk the idea of a blogging seems like a massive chore - like clearing out the loft or doing the tax return. It really isn't, but sometimes it feels that way.

However you'll be delighted to know that the chances are you've got loads of posts sitting around your desk almost ready to go.

No, neither of us is losing the plot. It's just that anything you've written for your business is potentially the bones of a post needing the slightest tweak.

If you drafted a job advert, that would work. Start with the vacancy and talk about the amazing opportunity your organisation is offering. Outline the kind of team you're building and what the work is all about.

Did you send out any press releases this week? Then use the content on your own blog too. Clearly you thought you had a story to tell the world about. If that's the case tell your blog readers too. It helps to create a story of you and your brand too. 

Staff newsletter? The chances are that some of what you told your workers is of interest to your customers and potential customers too. Perhaps not the minutiae of the canteen opening hours, but that you have healthy food or how you encourage your staff to take their breaks. It all reveals a bit more about the kind of organisation you run. 

Have you written down your idea for something new. Maybe a recipe, a product or a service. Let the world know what you're thinking. The feedback might be useful. 

Something on social media. Was there a facebook update that got people talking? Or a tweet that stirred a response? These are the things you could put on your blog as you clearly pushed a few buttons. 

To-do list. Who cares what's on your to-do list? You'd be surprised. Let the public know the kind of things you do on a daily basis and you're giving them a peep inside your brand. 

Notes from a meeting. As long as you weren't sketching unflattering profiles of your colleagues, then spill the beans. What were your thoughts, what did you talk about? 

If you're stumped for ideas, take a look around inspiration might be closer than you think.

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